Housing Veterans in Montreal, Brainstorming On Strategic Improvements in Brno, and Building Toward An End to Rural Homelessness

Housing Veterans in Montreal, Brainstorming On Strategic Improvements in Brno, and Building Toward An End to Rural Homelessness - Institute of Global Homelessness

Pilot Project Finding Permanent Housing for Veterans in Montreal


The Old Brewery Mission, Quebec Veterans Foundation, and the Canadian government are collaborating on the Sentinels of the Street pilot project, intended to provide rent-subsidized, permanent, supportive housing to veterans experiencing homelessness in Montreal, Quebec. Jackie Dunham of CTV adds that supportive housing can be very beneficial to veterans; research suggests that many veterans have unique needs that stem from their experiencing in service.

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Brno, Czech Republic Leaders Discuss Current Efforts and Next Steps

This week, city leaders of Brno, Czech Republic met to discuss implementation of strategies to end homelessness. United States housing expert, Katharine Gale, who took part in the development of the award-winning Rapid Re-Housing project in Brno, joined the meeting while visiting the Platform for Social Housing. During the convening, leaders addressed the need for improvement of various aspects of the project, such as managing finances. “It’s great to see the city in close cooperation with non-profit organizations, overcoming barriers and finding new solutions to systemic problems,” said Gale. In 2015, IGH brought leaders from five cities across three world regions together for an convening in Brno, Czech Republic that focused on learning how to mobilize volunteers and organizing and acting on individual-level data with limited resources.

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Locking Arms with States Across the U.S. to End Rural Homelessness


Policy Director Lindsay Knotts writes about how the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are exploring the challenges and opportunities that rural communities across the U.S. face in ending homelessness. USICH and HUD are aiming to help strengthen peer-to-peer connections and learn how to better target federal strategies to support rural communities. The two organizations brought 15 communities together to hear from leaders from various rural communities across the country, including Alaska, Missouri, Texas, and more. Topics discusses during the convening include implementing proactive outreach and engagement; collecting and reporting data; developing innovative crisis and permanent housing models; and more.

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