Chicagoland Business Council on Homelessness

Chicagoland Business Council on Homelessness

Housed in the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University, the Chicagoland Business Council on Homelessness convenes and leverages the expertise and social capital of the business community in Chicago and the faculty, staff, and students of the University to contribute to systemic solutions that will reduce and end homelessness in the city.


The Council’s mission is to respect human dignity, we seek to empower people who are homeless in Chicagoland by fostering the supply of supportive and affordable housing as well as the availability and accessibility of education, technology, community connections, and health care solutions, in collaboration with the business community, government agencies, and other community organizations. The Council shall be comprised of academics, business, and civic leaders dedicated to the cause of eliminating homelessness.

Committees of the Council include: supportive and affordable housing, education, technology, community development, and healthcare. The Council meets monthly to share committee updates and determine further action.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Convened Corporate Social Responsibility officers and community groups to discuss possible collaboration
  • Surveyed the Chicago Continuum of Care on its technology needs
  • Developed undergraduate business course on homelessness and policy intersections

Current Members

Jim Baker, Walgreens/TCS
Ericka Baran, Jeron
Brian Barker, Faculty, DePaul University
Molly Brown, Faculty, HARC Lab, DePaul University
Dan Butterworth, First Financial Credit Union
Joe Cannella, HMG Strategy
Christopher Crater, Obama Foundation
Charles Drehmer, Faculty, DePaul University
Mark Laboe, Mission & Ministry, DePaul University; Community Development Chair
Justin Lall, Gallup
Herald Manjooran, DivIHN Integration; Technology Chair
Jim Shilling, Faculty, DePaul University; Education Chair
Geoff Smith, Institute of Housing Studies, DePaul University
Lydia Stazen, Ruff Institute of Global Homelessness, DePaul University
Jon Thomas, Itentive Healthcare Solutions
Shilpa Thosar, Morphic Therapeutic; Healthcare Chair
Peter Vilim, Waterton; Supportive and Affordable Housing Chair
Christine Ward, DePaul University
Diane Whelan-Thomason, Walgreens
Ivana Zilic, Faculty, DePaul University
Founding and Emeritus Member: Roger Lall, Faculty, DePaul University
Founding and Emeritus Member: Roger Lall, Faculty, DePaul University
For more information on the Council or to express interest in joining, please contact