Homeless Hub Discusses Women and Youth Homelessness; a Recent Census in Bogotá, Colombia; and More

Homeless Hub Discusses Women and Youth Homelessness; a Recent Census in Bogotá, Colombia; and More - Institute of Global Homelessness

Homeless Hub: The women left behind

On the Homeless Hub blog, Abe Oudshoorn of Western University discusses unique experiences and support needs of women and youth experiencing homelessness in Canada. Many times, women’s pathway to homelessness is unique to that of other groups. With this follows the need for unique support, such as safety measures from gender-based violence and support to address trauma surrounding child apprehension. One unique measure of support needed for mothers experiencing homelessness is assistance with reconnecting with their children. As for youth, according to A Way Home Canada and The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, nearly 60% have had contact with the child welfare system. Inadequate care within this system can increase their vulnerability to homelessness. Oudshoorn highlights the importance of the consideration of such needs within the homelessness service sector, in regards to both primary prevention and permanent solutions to homelessness.

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Declining Homelessness in Lexington, Kentucky

Christy Bollinger of WTVQ reports that homelessness in Lexington, Kentucky is the lowest it has been since 2005. Mayor Jim Gray thanks the great network of local agencies working in the homelessness service sector for the progress made, such as the Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention. Since 2014, the city has focused its efforts on more permanent solutions, realigning over $1 million in federal housing funds from transitional housing to permanent housing.

Mayor Gray: “We’ve still got work to do, but we’re making progress. Our work and investments are beginning to pay off.”

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Homelessness in Bogotá, Colombia


Data from a census conducted in October and November of 2017, suggests that about 9,538 people were experiencing street homelessness in 19 locations across Bogota, Colombia. Mártires, Santa Fe, and Kennedy were there areas found to have the most people living on the streets. The El Espectador reporter states that in comparison to previous years, this number has not changed significantly.

“With the figures obtained, we will be able to focus our attention on this population, because we will know first hand what their needs are and we can act with greater efficiency and opportunity,” said Social Secretary, Cristina Vélez Valencia.

Read the article here. (This article’s original text is in Spanish)

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