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Resources from Vanguard Cities

  • Chicago’s Plan 2.0

    Chicago’s Plan 2.0 is a broad-ranging, seven-year action plan that reaffirms, builds on the core tenets outlined in Chicago’s original Plan to End Homelessness – homeless prevention, housing first, and wraparound services – and identifies new strategies to improve access and opportunity for those most in need.  Announced by Mayor Emanuel and key stakeholders in August 2012, Plan 2.0 includes seven strategic priorities that represent the most cutting-edge thinking on preventing and ending homelessness from around the country.  Over 500 local stakeholders participated in the planning process, including 150 people who have experienced homelessness themselves.

  • Edmonton's Plan to End Homelessness

    Edmonton’s plan to prevent and end homelessness featuring updates on progress, goals, targets, and strategies.

  • Glasgow Health & Social Care Partnership: Homelessness Strategy 2015-2020

    Includes information on strategies, trends, outcomes, and challenges related to addressing homelessness in Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Red Calle

    Contains information on Red Calle, a joint effort between the governments of Uruguay, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, and the European Union focused on addressing homelessness in Latin America.

  • Noche Digna Program

    Contains information on the Government of Chile’s plan to help people experiencing street homelessness.

  • City of Sydney, Australia Homelessness Page

    Features information related to Sydney’s homelessness plan, services, affordable rental housing strategy, and more.

  • 400 Toits

    Overview of the objectives of the 400 Toits campaign to end street homelessness in the Brussels area.

  • Greater Manchester Homeless Prevention Strategy, 2021-2026

    This resource documents Greater Manchester’s approach to homelessness prevention. The report describes the region’s systemic efforts to create a ‘preventative, proactive and person-centered’ model of public service delivery that breaks down the barriers between various actors and makes for a more comprehensive and effective approach to preventing homelessness.

  • Branching Out: A National Framework to start-up and scale-up Housing First in Scotland, 2021-2031

    This report documents Scotland’s national effort to scale-up Housing First programming throughout the country. It addresses issues of cross-sector collaboration, the current state of knowledge on the Housing First intervention, and what is required from local actors to effectively adapt Housing First to local contexts, among other considerations.

  • Greater Manchester Housing First

    This website provides insight into the Greater Manchester Housing First program, a three year pilot program aimed at housing 300 individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Thus far, the pilot program has housed 269 people with a tenancy sustainment rate of 87%.

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  • Adelaide Zero Project Dashboard

    The Adelaide Zero Project Dashboard tracks their progress towards achieving and sustaining Functional Zero street homelessness.

  • All Chicago Data Dashboard

    Chicago’s Homeless Management Information System data helps Chicago monitor progress on preventing and ending homelessness.

  • Homeward Trust Edmonton Performance Evaluation Dashboard

    This performance evaluation dashboard tracks progress made by Homeward Trust’s work to end homelessness in Edmonton. It includes measurement data on the current homeless population, data on housing placement, demographic information, and by-name list monitoring.