Homeless Link’s 2017 Report; The Public Health Model of Homelessness Prevention; and Australia’s National Homelessness Conference 2018

Homeless Link’s 2017 Report; The Public Health Model of Homelessness Prevention; and Australia’s National Homelessness Conference 2018 – Institute of Global Homelessness

Homeless Link’s 2017 Report


Homeless Link’s Annual Review of Support for Single Homeless People provides insights into England’s homelessness sector. The report aims to provide a comprehensive picture. The range of activities and interventions that are offered throughout the country, from life skills training, financial advice to substance abuse services. Research shows that despite challenges with resources, services providers continue to respond to people’s needs as best they can. The report also reflects on long-term support provided to individuals, demographics of the populations receiving support, and more.

Read the report here.

Homelessness Prevention: The Public Health Model

Riana Fisher’s blog at the Homeless Hub begins with a quote from Peter Jacobson: “If we want to stop people dying on roads, we invest money in seatbelts, not in the emergency department. In the same way in regards to homelessness, why would we wait to intervene with a young person when they’re in crisis, when we can intervene early and keep them at home, and in school and engaged?”

The blog uses these questions as a jumping off point for a discussion of the Public Health Model of Homelessness Prevention. This model can be helpful in altering the way the service sector can respond to homelessness. Intervening before an individual or family loses housing requires collaborative efforts among several sectors and systems – healthcare, education, justice, etc. Fisher also outlines risk factors of homelessness and levels of prevention, as well as the populations they aim to serve.

Read the blog here.


The National Homelessness Conference 2018 in Australia


Australia Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) and Homelessness Australia (HA) have partnered to hold the National Homelessness Conference 2018 — Ending Homelessness Together. It will be held Monday, August 6 through Tuesday, August 7, 2018 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. According to AHURI, this year’s convening will be significant, with the recent release of data from the 2016 census, conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the development of a new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement. AHURI and HA aim to bring together policy makers and practitioners from across Australia to learn, engage and network together.

Register here.

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