The State of Homelessness in Hong Kong and San Diego, California and Bridging Health and Homelessness in Chicago

The State of Homelessness in Hong Kong and San Diego, California and Bridging Health and Homelessness in Chicago – Institute of Global Homelessness

Homelessness in Hong Kong

Wyman Ma and Chermaine Lee of Reuters discuss rising homelessness in Hong Kong. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the local government estimate over 1,000 people experiencing street homelessness, an increase compared to previous years. According to the article, the cost of living is being explored as a significant factor affecting this rise. Hong Kong reportedly has short-term solutions to the issue – temporary accommodation accompanied by support services from social workers to help move people into permanent housing.

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San Diego Annual Homelessness Count

Last week, more than 1,600 volunteers gathered in San Diego County to begin the annual point in time count of people experiencing homelessness. This data will be used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help determine funding for programs aimed at driving homelessness reduction. According to San Diego Tribune reporters, there is some indication that street homelessness in some areas may have declined however, official data is not expected to be released until Spring of this year.

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A Bridge Between Health and Homelessness in Chicago

Adele Peters explores a pilot program in Chicago aimed at providing supportive housing to emergency room “super users”. People experiencing homelessness spend many nights in local emergency rooms (ER) – sometimes in response to illness or medical conditions, and other times to avoid sleeping outside, especially during harsh winters. Glenn Baker used to spend as many as 20 nights a month in Chicago ERs. Now, he has seen an improvement in his health and is visiting the hospital much less since being housed through the University of Illinois Hospital and the nonprofit Center for Housing and Health’s Better Health Through Housing Program. Based on research, the Center predicts that the program will drive health improvements among those experiencing homelessness – addressing hospitals’ growing focus on community – and healthcare cost savings.

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