Institute of Global Homelessness Welcomes Executive Director Lydia Stazen

DePaul Newsline
March 21, 2019

Ending homelessness is more than just possible, it’s work that must be done, says Lydia Stazen, the new Executive Director of DePaul’s Institute of Global Homelessness. Stazen has spent years working on the issue in Chicago and has seen progress being made.

Institute of Global Homelessness and Partners Celebrate United Nations Success

DePaul Newsline
March 08, 2019

The United Nations Commission for Social Development recently announced that affordable housing and homelessness will be priority themes for its 2020 meetings.

The City of Rijeka Becomes Fifth Vanguard City
June 13, 2018

Rijeka, Croatia announced on June 13th its position as the fifth official Vanguard City in the Institute of Global Homelessness’s A Place to Call Home campaign. The effort in Rijeka is spearheaded by Head of the County Social Policy Department and Youth Dragica Marač and Director of Depaul Croatia and head of Rijeka’s House of Refuge, sister Veronica Mila Popić. Co-operation in this project was signed by Primorsko-goranska County, Rijeka Archdiocese, City of Rijeka, Center for Social Welfare Rijeka, with Depaul Croatia as the key coordinating body.

Ending Street Homelessness Around the Globe: Technical support for testing strategies

DePaul Newsline
May 31, 2018

What can homelessness advocates in Chile teach housing experts in Australia? How can ideas sparked in the streets in South Africa reach policymakers in Canada? While homelessness looks different around the globe, solutions are now being shared and adapted between cities as part of A Place to Call Home, a campaign of the Institute of Global Homelessness at DePaul.

City of Tshwane Becomes Fourth Vanguard City to Join A Place to Call Home

University of Pretoria
March 19, 2018

The City of Tshwane is joining a global campaign to end street homelessness by 2030. Homelessness is a global challenge, with an estimated 100 million people worldwide living without shelter. The Institute of Global Homelessness at DePaul University, Chicago, is launching a campaign to help 150 cities work toward ending street homelessness by 2030. The City of Tshwane has now committed itself to be among the first vanguard cities in a global movement to end homelessness.

Greater Manchester Leads the Way in Global Effort to Tackle Homelessness

Andy Burnham Mayor of Greater Manchester
March 07, 2018

Political leaders and representatives from the charity sector backed Mayor Andy Burnham as he signed Greater Manchester up as one of a select few Vanguard Cities in the Institute of Global Homelessness’s A Place to Call Home campaign – a global effort to tackle rough sleeping and homelessness.

IGH Co-founder Mark McGreevey Speaks at United Nations Meeting

DePaul Newsline
February 13, 2020

In his speech to the United Nations Commissioner, IGH co-founder and CEO of Depaul International, Mark McGreevey discusses the significance of prioritizing an end to street homelessness.

Institute of Global Homelessness Launches Campaign to End Street Homelessness

DePaul Newsline
December 14, 2017

Last month in Edmonton, Canada, political leaders and advocates braved freezing temperatures to attend a forum on the city’s newly updated plan to end homelessness. While homelessness has decreased in Edmonton by 43 percent since 2008, attendees identified several problems the city must solve to stay on track. For example, people who identify as Indigenous experience homelessness in Edmonton at a rate an alarming 10 times that of the general population.

Rome: Symposium on street homelessness and Catholic Social Teaching

ICN Independent Catholic News
November 30, 2017

Practitioners and theologians met in Rome to discuss global street homelessness in an event hosted by DePaul University’s IGH, Depaul International, Niagara University, St John’s University, and the University Durham’s Centre for Catholic Studies. The event combines the expertise of a host of sources and speakers, all from vastly different backgrounds–some religious, others not–with the aim of allowing on-the-ground experience of solving street homelessness to inform, and be informed by, the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching.

Adelaide Recognized Globally for Its Bid to End Street Homelessness: Second city to join A Place to Call Home Initiative

Don Dunstan Foundation
November 14, 2017

Adelaide, Australia becomes the second city to join the IGH A Place to Call Home Initiative. The Adelaide CBD will join a select group of ‘vanguard cities’ on six continents to partner with the Institute of Global Homelessness (IGH) in setting ambitious but achievable goals to solve the problem of homelessness.

Louise Casey: Adelaide is uniquely situated to deal with the problem of homelessness

The Adviser
November 08, 2017

As Adelaide joins a select group of “vanguard cities” from around the world to partner with IGH to solve street homelessness, the city must grapple with the complexity of the issue. Dame Louise Casey, chair of the IGH advisory committee, says that Adelaide is uniquely situated to address homelessness.

Edmonton, Canada Joins A Place to Call Home Initiative

Edmonton Journal
November 07, 2017

Since creating a 10-year plan to end homelessness in 2008, Homeward Trust Edmonton and its partners have housed 6,600 people and have seen homelessness decline by 43 percent. These ambitious efforts have led the Institute of Global Homelessness to name Edmonton a vanguard city in its effort to end global homelessness through the A Place to Call Home initiative.

Hamilton, Canada Surveys Its Homeless In Effort To Find Them Housing

WBEZ Worldview
April 26, 2016

WBEZ takes a look at what Hamilton is doing to eliminate homelessness and see how that compares to U.S. cities like Chicago with Amanda Di Falco, manager of Homelessness Policy and Programs with the City of Hamilton and Kat Johnson, director of the Institute of Global Homelessness at DePaul University.

Making the Homeless Count With New Set of Definitions

October 08, 2015

Last month, Culhane and two colleagues, Volker Busch-Geertsema and Suzanne Fitzpatrick, working with the Institute of Global Homelessness (IGH) at DePaul University, published a model that presents a standardized framework that can be used to define homelessness around the world.

Kat Johnson Discusses the Institute of Global Homelessness

The Borgen Project
July 24, 2015

Homelessness is a problem waiting to be solved everywhere around the globe. The Institute of Global Homelessness was launched in 2014 to be a resource to solve this problem and believes that the cause is not hopeless. DePaul University and Depaul International partnered to establish the IGH.

Finding a Common Language to End Homelessness

DePaul Newsline
June 10, 2015

On any given night in the U.S., some half a million people experience homelessness according to The Department of Housing and Urban Development. Now imagine trying to count the number of homeless people on a global scale. That’s just one of the challenges the Institute of Global Homelessness at DePaul University is undertaking.

Homelessness on a global scale

WBEZ Worldview
May 29, 2015

Kat Johnson, director of the Institute of Global Homelessness at DePaul University and Ashwin Parulkar, project head of the Knowledge Centre on Urban Homelessness at Centre for Equity Studies in New Delhi, join us to talk about how different countries address the growing problem of homelessness.