World Habitat Day 2017, Urgency to End Homelessness in Greater Manchester, and More

World Habitat Day 2017, Urgency to End Homelessness in Greater Manchester, and More – Institute of Global Homelessness

World Habitat Day 2017: Affordable Homes Through Housing Policy


On Monday, October 2, 2017, World Habitat Day will carry the theme ‘Housing Policies: Affordable Homes’. The focus encourages all levels of government and relevant stakeholders to reflect on concrete initiatives to ensure adequate and affordable housing to drive the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Current challenges in urban housing are outlined in The City We Need – the World Urban Campaign (WUC) declaration towards Habitat III. The publication also highlights drivers for change – strategies and approaches that will help reach the desired goals.

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Chicago’s Uptown ‘Tent City’ Encampment Dismantled

Mary Wisniewski and Marissa Page of the Chicago Tribune explore controversy surrounding the recent dissolution of a homelessness encampment on Chicago’s north side. Encampments located under Lake Shore Drive in the Uptown neighborhood were dismantled earlier this week in preparation for an upcoming construction project on the Wilson and Lawrence Avenue bridges. Authorities are suggesting that the former residents comply with orders to evacuate the area.The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless has sought permanent housing options but, has not yet been able to secure them.

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Cape Town, SA to Provide ‘Safe Spaces’ for Those Experiencing Homelessness


In early September, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety, Security and Social Services in Cape Town, South Africa, JP Smith, acknowledged that law enforcement-based approaches to address homelessness in the city have not been successful. Now, according to Maxwell Roeland of The South African, the city will work to develop an effective strategy. Smith shared that one of the new initiatives is the development of “Safe Spaces” – partially enclosed spaces that offer a safe environment, storage for belongings, supportive services, and more. These spaces will be in place to address the shortage in shelter space and the concerns of individuals experiencing homelessness regarding the operation of shelters. The article also stated that a city survey revealed that 85% of the homelessness population would be willing to use the spaces.

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Comprehensive Housing Strategies Must Be Supportive

In an article for Santa Cruz IMC, Steve Pleich shared details about a recent convening among Santa Cruz, California county leaders. During the gathering, leaders shared their thoughts about the development and implementation of a comprehensive affordable housing strategy. The city’s Planning Director, Lee Butler, emphasized the importance of establishing a ‘common language’. He believes it is critical that the conversation about affordable housing plans is inclusive of all areas of need – including those living in extreme poverty, who may not qualify for affordable housing yet but, still need an operable pathway to housing. Butler urged every discussion at every level to include transitional and permanent supportive housing.

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Greater Manchester Mayor Issues a No-Nonsense Ultimatum to End Homelessness


Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, England, is demanding that all organizations take urgent and immediate action to solve homelessness throughout the city. According to Jennifer Williams of the Manchester Evening News, Mayor Burnham wants councils, GP leaders, police and housing providers all to take part in fulfilling the needs to house those sleeping rough. With the number of people experiencing homelessness growing, Burnham believes that a fusion of short-term measures and long-term measures – constructing new shelters and reforming the housing sector – has the potential to reverse the city’s growing issue. “As mayor I have asked individuals, businesses and the voluntary sector to do more, and they have – Now it is time for the public sector to increase the urgency with which it responds to homelessness and rough-sleeping,” said Burnham.

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The State of Homelessness in India

A Hindustan Times article examining the state of homelessness in India reports about 1.77 million people experiencing homelessness across the country, an overall decline since the last Census . Despite the decrease, the article suggests that the government has not been effective in addressing the issue. The article urges leaders to work to identify and address structural factors that lead to homelessness and then, focus efforts on prohibiting forced evictions and demolitions, enhance policy coherence and convergence between housing strategies and initiatives, and improve provision of water, sanitation and collection of data regarding these issues. The nation’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has set a goal to provide housing to everyone experiencing homelessness by the year 2022.

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