Vanguard Network

Vanguard Network: A Global Learning Exchange

The goal of the Network is to increase learning, exchanges, and collaboration across the Vanguard Cities. The Vanguard Network includes: knowledge exchange meetings, policy discussions, and forums focused on sharing with Vanguard partners in a similar line of work. Network meetings will be linked through this page as they become scheduled.

Upcoming Events

Experts by Experience Forum

This is a meeting for people in the Vanguard Network with the Lived Experience of Homelessness. The goal of this discussion is to share feedback, work towards centering voices of lived experience across cities, advocate for building inclusive policies and practices, and talk through key challenges.

27 July – 15:00 (London) –10:00 (New York)

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Future Forums

We are in the process of scheduling these forums for September and October:

  • Government Officials

  • Senior Leadership

  • Frontline Workers

  • Communications and Advocacy

  • Data Leads