UCSF Analyzes Homelessness Among Seniors; Montevideo, Uruguay Agencies Partner to Utilize Local Property; and More.

UCSF Analyzes Homelessness Among Seniors; Montevideo, Uruguay Agencies Partner to Utilize Local Property; and More. – Institute of Global Homelessness

UCSF Analyzes Homelessness Among Seniors in America


In a study that discusses the current safety net for low-income seniors in America, researchers found that just less than half of people over 50 years old experiencing homelessness began living on the streets after turning 50. The study’s findings highlights growing post-retirement financial strain, said University of California, San Francisco Professor, Margot Kushel, who heads the study. Kushel points to a cycle characterized by insufficient wages, affordable housing shortages, and an inadequate safety net – all contributing to an inability to build wealth throughout one’s adult life. She suggests that U.S. systems and policies incorporate preventative measures to help people and their families be better equipped for retirement.

“We also need to expand our attention to prevent seniors from becoming homeless to begin with, perhaps by giving subsidies so they can stay with families, the way we do for children through child welfare services.”

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Harmonisation of Definitions of Homelessness for U.K. Official Statistics: A Feasibility Report

The Government Statistical Service (GSS) developed a report to provide a better understanding of the comparability of U.K. homelessness statistics. GSS is a cross-government network, led by the National Statistician, that works to provide advice, analysis and a statistical evidence base to help people make better decisions. The network suggests that substantive differences in the administrative data systems and legal definitions of homelessness make it difficult to develop a consistent definition of homelessness, in the short term, and provides a number of recommendations to improve consistency.

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National Alliance to End Rural and Remote Homelessness


The National Alliance to End Rural and Remote Homelessness (NAERRH) is a new network focused on building a collective voice across Canada to advocate for the importance of preventing, reducing and ending homelessness in rural and remote communities. According to Terrilee Kelford and Shane Pelletier – Co-Chairs of NAERRH, and Ayon Shahed – Director of Strategic Development for Choices for Youth, rural and remote communities represent one-third of Canada’s population, local governments and businesses. Yet, there is still a need to address and define pervasive, hidden homelessness in these areas. The NAERRH has announced that there will be a Rural and Remote stream at the 2019 National Conference on Ending Homelessness in Edmonton, Alberta in November.

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The 14th Annual European Research Conference on Homelessness

The 14th Annual European Research Conference on Homelessness will take place in Helsingborg, Sweden on September 20, 2019. The European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA), The European Observatory on Homelessness, Lund University and the City of Helsingborg have partnered to host the conference. This year’s convening aims to explore recent evidence on the broad theme of ‘Homelessness and Housing Exclusion’, across Europe and other regions. Keynote speakers include Cameron Parsell – Australian Research Council Principal Research Fellow at The University of Queensland and Marcus Knutagård – Researcher and Senior Lecturer at Lund University’s School of Social Work.

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Awhina House to Open in Tauranga, New Zealand


“It’s where we’ll be welcoming women who are wanting to make changes and work on setting some goals and moving into their own independent housing,” said Angela Wallace, Manager of Awhina House. The new women’s shelter is the result of a collaboration between Tauranga City Council, Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust, the Acorn Foundation and Craigs Investment Partners, Synergy Technology, Watchmen Security and BayTrust. It is set to open on April 8, 2019.

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Montevideo, Uruguay Agencies Partner to Utilize Local Property

This week, local agencies signed an agreement to collaborate on the first project to address the use of abandoned buildings throughout the city of Montevideo, Uruguay. Local leaders suggest that the properties be utilized to address social issues, such as affordable housing. The 14th Intendency of Montevideo (IM), Uruguayan Federation of Housing Cooperatives for Mutual Aid (FUCVAM), Uruguayan Cooperativist Center (CCU), Ministry of Social Development (Mides), Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU) and Neighborhood Commission of Plaza de Deportes 1 of the Old City are all involved in this initiative.

Read the article here. (This article’s original text is in Spanish)

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