Tackling Student Homelessness at The University of Washington Tacoma; Homelessness Declining in Vietnam; and More

Tackling Student Homelessness at The University of Washington Tacoma; Homelessness Declining in Vietnam; and More – Institute of Global Homelessness

Student Homelessness Project in Tacoma, Washington

As a joint effort between the Tacoma Housing Authority (THA), local real estate developers, and The University of Washington Tacoma’s (UWY) Associated Students (ASUWT), new housing units across UWY will be allocated to students experiencing or at risk of homelessness. THA also pledged to fund 1 million dollars toward ASUWT’s Student Homelessness Project. According to the student group’s Legislative Liaison, Adán Espino Jr., there is a significant number of local students facing homelessness and the purpose of this project.

“When you are homeless, everything around you is impacted in a profound way. You’re in a totally different world and state of mind, where you’re trying to survive instead of getting an education. These apartments will help change that, where students will go from ‘surviving’ to ‘living’ and get their education,” said ASUWT President, Armen Papyan.

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Boroughs of London, UK Collaborate to Tackle Homelessness


In efforts to increase adequate housing accommodation for families at risk of homelessness in London, UK, 11 of the city’s boroughs are joining forces. According to the Guardian, The Capital Letters programme is expected to help more than 35,000 households exit homelessness over the next three years.

“Through collaboration, boroughs will collectively strengthen our market position and secure much better housing options for homeless Londoners,” said Darren Rodwell, the city council’s Executive Member for housing and planning.

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Homelessness Decreasing in Vietnam

Data gathered by the government over the last few years shows that poverty has declined in Vietnam. According to Phung Duc Tung, Vietnam Economist and director of the Mekong Development Research Institute in Hanoi, the country lacks a strong safety net for families in inadequate living conditions. Although the country has welfare policies to help the elderly, the disabled and other subpopulations, Tung suggests that Vietnam establish policies for other groups, such as families, and enlist assistance from non-governmental organizations.

“Sure, Vietnam might be among the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world. But what’s more important is whether that growth is carrying all our people along,” said Tung.

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