La Casa Norte Opens Homelessness Facility; The Y Foundation Shares Expert Outlooks on Homelessness in 2030; and More.

La Casa Norte Opens Homelessness Facility; The Y Foundation Shares Expert Outlooks on Homelessness in 2030; and More. – Institute of Global Homelessness

La Casa Norte Opens Facility in Chicago for People Experiencing Homelessness

La Casa Norte, an organization serving families and youth experiencing homelessness in Chicago, USA, opened a new, state-of-the-art facility in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. The facility features supportive housing units for youth and families, a youth drop-in center, a healthcare center, a nutrition center, food pantry, and homelessness prevention services. Sol Flores, the agency’s Executive Director, will be joining Illinois Governor Pritzker’s administration as deputy governor to help rebuild state health and human services infrastructure. In her interview with Jenn White of WBEZ91.5 Chicago, Flores highlights the top three floors of the facility – the supportive housing units – as the “crown jewel”.

Sol Flores: I think we understand that someone’s gotta get off the streets. But then we know what are the hierarchy of needs: We need food, we need clothing, we need shelter. And then once you get past that basic sort of knee-jerk, then it’s about our social and emotional needs, it’s our academic needs, it’s our education needs.

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Homelessness in 2030: Essays on possible futures


The Y Foundation compiled a collection of essays intended to share wisdom from leading experts in homelessness, social policy, and poverty, needed to end homelessness. It includes a wide range of scenarios of the state of homelessness in the year 2030. Suzanne Fitzpatrick – Professor of Housing and Social Policy at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Director of the University’s Institute of Social Policy, Housing and Equalities Research, discusses data, analysis, experience and statistical models as the foundation of future trends in homelessness in the United Kingdom. “Robust, evidence-based projections allow us to forecast what will likely happen on homelessness under a range of plausible scenarios,” says Fitzpatrick.

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The LAHSA Reports on Local Homelessness Among African Americans

More than 100 local leaders convened to address racial disparities and systemic racism in public policy affecting African American people experiencing homelessness across Los Angeles County, California, USA. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) released a first-of-its-kind study examining the issue. The report includes recommendations – such as interweaving a racial equity lens throughout homelessness policy and service delivery systems as well as across public, private, and philanthropic institutions to create a broad framework to advance equity and eliminate disparities that impact African Americans experiencing homelessness across the county.

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