IGH Online Community of Practice

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About the IGH Online Community of Practice

A community of practice (CoP) is a group of people who work towards a shared passion or cause, and learn how to do the work better through interacting and sharing knowledge. IGH aims to create an online CoP for professionals working with people experiencing homelessness. The IGH CoP will connect members to a collaborative and dynamic global network of knowledge of what works in ending homelessness. The CoP will involve the following activities: webinars, resource guides, and knowledge-sharing platforms.

Webinar Series: Effective homeless systems and programs

A webinar series starting in the summer of 2020 will provide CoP members with a unique learning opportunity to engage with homeless experts on a curated list of topics. Each webinar will center on a key topic area with case studies and sessions led by subject matter experts. Topics for the webinars will include effective prevention programs, Housing First, advocacy and government relations, measuring impact, gender and homelessness, reaching target populations, incorporating the voices of lived experience into programs, and spearheading system change.

Resource Guides: Evidenced-based research, best practices, and toolkits

As a supplement to webinars, CoP members will receive a primer on each topic including: high-quality research, relevant tools, and best practices from global cities. The resource guide will also be available on IGH’s website.

Knowledge Sharing Platforms: Facilitated discussions on homeless news and research

In order for members to have the space to engage and share with each other, IGH will host discussions on several platforms, including Google Forum and the IGH Hub. IGH will facilitate discussions around each month’s topic as well as promoting new streams of sharing based on recent news and research on homeless programs. As the CoP develops, members will increasingly drive the content and agenda based on their needs and interests.