World Homeless Day: A Global Conversation on Homelessness


Engaging in robust, inclusive discussions about complex issues, such as homelessness, are necessary to draw connections between these global successes, scale best practices among practitioners, and catalyze prevention and eradication. […]

Partnering with People of Lived Experience: Community of Impact Webinar

In the webinar, we will hear from experts by experience and other leaders in the sector about the impact of involving people with first-hand experiences of homelessness in designing and implementing homelessness services. The webinar will discuss ways to partner with people of lived experience, developing more inclusive policies, and how ultimately it leads to more successful programs and better long-term outcomes.

Climate Change: Multiple Risks for Homeless Women and Girls

Climate change may be the most important global human rights crisis of our time. Homeless people, who are already among the most vulnerable in societies, are disproportionately impacted as they have fewer resources. Register here: